Unlike all other VADs, the TORVAD is based on a completely new type of two-piston, valveless pumping technology that has resulted in six issued patents. All patents have been filed as collaborative patents with The University of Texas System as assignee and are exclusively licensed to WCS through an existing license agreement. The IP also covers non-biomedical applications of the pump in other fields such as space exploration, cryogenics, petroleum engineering, and food services. In addition, we maintain critical trade secrets related to techniques for manufacturing and assembling the TORVAD system that provide an additional level or protection for our technology.

Magnetic ventricular connector
US 8,715,305

Positive displacement pump system and method
US 8,568,113

System and method for pump variable stroke
US 8,386,040

Positive displacement pump system and method with rotating valve
US 8,366,401

System and method for pump with deformable bearing surface
US 8,167,593

Circular artificial heart
US 6,576,010